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XDC Trade Network joins TFD Initiative and the inaugural Investor Day

The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative is delighted to welcome MLETR-focused XDC Trade Network as a member of the community.

The TFD Initiative has recently seen a boost of new membership such as Vayana TradeXchange, Finverity, AP Trade Finance, Teybridge Capital, Mercore, and LSQ, amongst others, joining the global consortium of members working to establish trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms.

Sunil Senapati, CEO, XDC Trade Network: “XDC Trade Network brings liquidity to digital negotiable instruments using the most advanced technology and a network of partners. By easing access to capital for SMEs, allowing monitoring of logistics chains in real time, and preventing documentary fraud, we contribute to closing the SME funding gap.”

‍André Casterman, CEO, TFD Initiative is delighted to welcome XDC Network to TFD Initiative and CEO Sunil Senapati to the Investor Day: “As negotiable instruments embrace new MLETR-compliant digital solutions, it is essential to build a network of liquidity providers that are open to such new digital practice. The Investor Day will focus on MLETR innovations, as there is great appetite from institutional investors for such payment obligations."

The Investor Day will feature recent developments of relevance to alternative lenders and institutional investors, spanning innovations in both origination and distribution spaces as the objective is to help the market embrace the originate-and-distribute model, and benefit from the increased liquidity brought by capital market firms. This is how members of TFD Initiative aim to contribute to closing the trade finance gap which represents a multi-trillion financing opportunity.

About XDC Trade Network

XDC Trade Network is a complete suite of distributed applications that run on XDC Network which aims to support the global trade finance Industry improve digitization. XDC Trade Network works closely with Propin, IMDA and Yodaplus.

Interoperability of MLETR solutions

Funding for trades documents developed on an MLETR-compliant solution

Our solution is built by lacing together proven utilities such as Documentation framework, Legacy and new Payment solutions, Tokenisation, Custodian Services & other eco-system partners across the blockchain universe.

About the TFD Initiative

The TFD Initiative has established the largest community of stakeholders committed to establishing trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms. The TFD Initiative works with technology leaders to deliver a SaaS technology stack and new market practices, thereby bridging trade with capital markets. TFD Initiative complements the origination-focused DNI Initiative which digitises negotiable instruments in logistics and banking based on MLETR-compliant laws and technologies.

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