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Peridot Group Joins the TFD Initiative to Promote Investable Trade Finance Assets

Peridot Group Joins the TFD Initiative to Promote Investable Trade Finance Assets

May 10, 2023

The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative is delighted to announce the addition of Peridot Group to the growing community of trade finance institutions and service providers. The TFD Initiative continues to drive the dialogue around promoting and channelling liquidity in trade finance with its database of nearly 70 global members working to establish trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms.


Peridot’s vision is to be the world’s leading working capital solutions provider, enabling businesses to optimise their working capital and help funders secure attractive risk-adjusted returns.


We are very pleased to join the TFD Initiative and support its goal of making working capital assets more accessible to capital market participants,” said Colin Bennett, Chief FinancialOfficer and Head of Capital Markets of Peridot Group. “Peridot combines deep capital markets expertise with decades of global experience in the working capital financing space, making us a leading partner to global corporations and capital market participants alike. We look forward to contributing our experience and perspectives to the trade finance community as a member of the TFD Initiative.”


The TFD Initiative brings together stakeholders committed to increasing the level of transparency in trade finance assets and enabling risk distribution through technology-based market practices.

We’re extremely happy to have Peridot on board at the TFD Initiative.” says André Casterman, Chair Fintech Committee, ITFA. “We rely on the diversity of our expert members to help us make an impact across a range of business and regulatory issues, and we look forward to benefiting from the insights of Peridot as a market leader in working capital finance.


About the Peridot Group

Peridot Group (Peridot) is a leading provider of B2B working capital solutions. Comprised of two well-known leaders in the space, Peridot Financing Solutions (PFS) and Global Supply Chain Finance(GSCF), Peridot's goal is to provide tech-enabled services and source capital, allowing businesses to optimise working capital and funders to make attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Peridot’s customers are corporate enterprises, their buyers around the globe and funders including major financial institutions and asset managers. Peridot’s product offering allows clients to reduce costs, leverage our global treasury capabilities, drive increased sales, mitigate customer credit risk, process invoices and access multi-currency flexible financing structures. 

With its global presence, tech-enabled servicing platform, knowledgeable customer service team and access to flexible funding, Peridot is uniquely positioned to handle the most demanding programmes in the working capital finance space for its clients. Current Peridot serviced programmes cover more than 25 currencies in over 20 languages for more than 1,500 customers in 75 countries around the world. Peridot employs more than 300 FTEs globally and is owned by funds managed by Blackstone Inc.

For more information, visit Peridot’s website.



About the TFD Initiative

TFD Initiative is establishing trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms and brings together stakeholders committed to increasing the level of automation and transparency in trade asset and risk distribution with technology-based market practices.


The ITFA Fintech Initiatives aim to address two market-level ambitions: DNI Initiative focuses on digitising trade documents and negotiable instruments incorporate-to-bank relationships, whilst TFD Initiative transforms trade finance as a digitally investable asset class for banks, credit insurers and institutional investors. Our advocacy task force (TERA) aims to promote the integration of digital options such as MLETR-based e-originals within national laws.

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