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Creating the blueprint for
global trade finance distribution

Institutional investors want to invest in trade finance but do not always have efficient access to the asset class. Banks want to expand the distribution of trade assets and the universe of trade finance investors  beyond today’s scale. To date, both sides are not yet properly connected, resulting in very limited participation of institutional capital in the trade finance space.

The main innovations in trade over the past 100 years have been linked to standardisation. The shipping container was the most important development in that respect, significantly reducing loading times and costs, making the worldwide transport of goods dramatically more efficient. The TFD Initiative wants to have a similar impact on the distribution of trade finance assets.

Our focus



Industry-driven initiative that creates the blueprint for global trade finance distribution.

Industry Driven

Developing standards

TFD Initiative addresses the business and regulatory issues impacting banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) when distributing or investing in trade finance.

TFD Initiative focusses on common data standards and definitions to address operational inefficiencies, transparency issues, and risks.

Industry Driven

For Banks & NBFI’s

Driven by leading trade finance banks and NBFI’s, TFD Initiative thrives on the insights of its members and is built to cater to their challenges and opportunities. We develop consensus built standardised best practices for the wider distribution of trade finance assets.

Powered by

TFD Initiative is powered by Tradeteq’s industry leading trade finance platform. Tradeteq allows originating banks and funders to efficiently connect, interact, and transact.

The hub of the global trade
finance distribution community

Membership benefits

Drive change and help shape the future of trade finance distribution

Stay at the forefront of industry developments

Develop standards that drive down costs

Access exclusive educational resources and events

Access the Tradeteq platform on preferential terms

Enjoy relationship-building and networking opportunities

Contribute to focussed discussions and working groups

Build their brand by promoting their TFD Initiative collaboration and contributions

Understand and address their respective counterparties’ needs in a consistent manner without the need to build bespoke solutions.

Full membership in the TFD Initiative is open to banks and non-bank financial institutions. In addition, industry associations may join the TFD Initiative as observing members to benefit from the insight and knowledge of the world’s leading market participants.

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Press releases

  • XinFin’s XDC Network selected as first blockchain company to join the Global Trade Finance Distribution Initiative

  • TFD Initiative expands membership to its trade distribution community

  • Industry association ITFA partners with TFD Initiative to support secondary trade finance market.

  • Five more banks and financial institutions join the Trade Finance Distribution Initiative

  • Fourteen banks and financial institutions launch drive to develop multi-trillion dollar trade as an asset class

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