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Vayana TradeXchange joins TFD Initiative and the inaugural Investor Day

The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative is delighted to welcome SME-focused trade finance platform Vayana TradeXchange as a member of the initiative.

The TFD Initiative has recently seen a boost of new membership such as Finverity, AP Trade Finance, Teybridge Capital, Mercore, EBRD and LSQ, amongst others, joining the consortium of global members working to establish trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms.

Kalyan Basu, MD & CEO of Vayana (IFSC) Pvt Ltd., explains the membership decision: “We aim to bridge the gap between the working capital requirements of MSMEs not only in India but across the globe, embarking on a journey to build the best-in-class digital marketplace for financing - cross-border trade receivables and payables."

Vayana (IFSC) Pvt. Ltd. has built and operates the Vayana TradeXchange (VTX), an ITFS (International Trade Financial Services) platform for facilitating the financing of cross-border trade globally.

The TFD Initiative continues to expand its membership of elite trade finance businesses and will further its efforts of promoting the tech-backed originate-and-distribute model at its flagship event, Trade Finance Investor Day, scheduled for mid-October 2023 in the UK.

André Casterman, CEO, TFD Initiative is delighted to welcome Vayana TradeXchange to TFD Initiative and MD & CEO Kalyan Basu to the Investor Day: “SMEs require additional sources of liquidity, in particular in emerging markets. The Investor Day will feature a great line-up of emerging markets focused originators such as Vayana TradeXchange which are ideal partners for our institutional investors."

About Vayana TradeXchange (VTX)

Vayana TradeXchange (VTX) is an end-to-end digital exchange marketplace facilitating easy and affordable cross-border trade finance globally. It is registered and regulated by IFSCA, (International Financial Services Centres Authority) Gift City, Gandhinagar, India, the unified regulator set up under the IFSCA Act 2019 by the Govt of India.

Vayana (IFSC) Pvt Ltd operates the VTX Platform under the broad framework put in place by IFSCA for setting up and operating International Trade Financing Services (ITFS) Platforms. VTX enables Sellers (Exporters) and Buyers (Importers) across the globe to avail various types of trade finance products which helps them address their trade receivables and payables resulting in better management of cashflows.

About the TFD Initiative

The TFD Initiative has established the largest community of stakeholders committed to establishing trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms. The TFD Initiative works with technology leaders to deliver a SaaS technology stack and new market practices, thereby bridging trade with capital markets. TFD Initiative complements the origination-focused DNI Initiative which digitises negotiable instruments in logistics and banking based on MLETR-compliant laws and technologies.

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