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SupplierPlus Joins TFD Initiative as latest member

September 7, 2022

SupplierPlus joins TFD Initiative as latest member

The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative is delighted to welcome SupplierPlus as the newest member joining our 50+ trade distribution community.

“SupplierPlus has been a proud ITFA member since 2019, and we are delighted to be joining the TFD Initiative where we can engage with the wider trade finance community and work together on further developing and promoting supply chain finance as a truly scalable and durable asset class for institutional investors”, says Kaspar Kägu, Chief Executive Officer and one of the co-founders, SupplierPlus.

Founded in 2015, SupplierPlus has eased invoicing workflow with its technology-driven supply chain finance.

“It is very exciting to work with dynamic players focusing on SME financing such as SupplierPlus“, says André Casterman, Chair Fintech Committee,ITFA. “The speed of decision-making and implementation as well as the openness to advanced innovations such as the new tokenisation option are impressive. SMEs are the ones benefiting from our joint developments which is the ultimate goal of TFD Initiative.”

TFD Initiative is establishing trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms and brings together stakeholders committed to increasing the level of automation and transparency in trade asset and risk distribution with technology-based market practices.


The ITFA Fintech Initiatives aim to address two market-level ambitions: DNI Initiative focuses on digitising trade documents and negotiable instruments in corporate-to-bank relationships, whilst TFD Initiative transforms trade finance as a digitally investable asset class for banks, credit insurers and institutional investors. Our advocacy task force (TERA) aims to promote the integration of digital options such as MLETR-based e-originals within national laws.

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