TFD Initiative

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A new member joins the TFD Initiative

January 25, 2022

We are delighted to welcome Pemberton Asset Management to ITFA and to TFD Initiative, our flagship trade distribution community.

“We are delighted to be joining TFD Initiative and we look forward to connecting with other members and industry stakeholders, exchanging ideas and insights and to work together to promote the trade asset class to institutional investors.” said Symon Drake-Brockman, Managing Partner, Pemberton Asset Management.

“At Pemberton, we have started to build a platform that will help connect institutional capital with the real economy. We are really excited to be joining this initiative, working with fellow market participants, helping to design the right frameworks that will allow the financing of trade to be accessed by institutional investors for the first time, in a meaningful and scalable way.”, Guy Brooks, Head of Distribution, Pemberton Asset Management.

“We are delighted to welcome non-bank financial institutions such as Pemberton Asset Management to TFD Initiative.”, says André Casterman, Chair Fintech Committee, ITFA. “We aim to increase institutional funding as this is a key requirement for the originate-and-distribute model to become attractive to originators.”

The ITFA Fintech Committee now regroups a total of 47 players which are listed on our website. Our Fintech Initiatives aim to address two market-level ambitions: DNI Initiative focuses on digitising trade documents and negotiable instruments in corporate-to-bank relationships, whilst TFD Initiative aims to establish trade finance as an investable class towards institutional investors. Our advocacy task force (TERA) aims to promote the integration of digital options such as MLETR-based e-originals within national laws.

Mercore makes entrance into the TFD Initiative

The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative is excited to welcome NBFI trade finance specialist, Mercore, as its latest joiner to the community of banks, non-bank originators, asset managers and service providers.

Kountable Joins TFD Initiative’s consortium of Non-bank Originators

May 19, 2023

The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative has welcomed US-based B2B trade and supply chain marketplace Kountable to the fold of banks, non-bank originators, asset managers and service providers.

Peridot Group Joins the TFD Initiative to Promote Investable Trade Finance Assets

May 10, 2023