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Finverity joins TFD Initiative and will be speaking at the inaugural Trade Finance Investor Day

The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative is delighted to welcome Finverity, the trade and supply chain finance digital ecosystem, as a member of the community.

The TFD Initiative has recently seen a boost of new membership such as Vayana TradeXchange, XDC Trade Network, AP Trade Finance, Teybridge Capital, Mercore, and LSQ, amongst others, joining the global consortium of members working to establish trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms.

Viacheslav Oganezov, Co-founder & CEO, Finverity introduces Finverity: “About 80% of global trade is dramatically underserved in terms of funding, and that creates a big opportunity. Finverity is one of only a few in the space with deep experience in originating not only large and investment-grade clients in vanilla markets, but also quality, private, mid-market corporate risk globally. We then make iteasy to underwrite and fund for our funding partners.”

Michel Meylacq, Head of Distribution & Funder Relations, Finverity explains the TFDi membership decision: “Much of the $1.7tn trade finance gap is due to the operational difficulty of financing trade, and the opportunity cost of setting up programs. Could the gap be smaller? We think of it as an opportunity, which we bring to our funding partners in an efficient and scalable manner. We take care of the end-to-end transaction process and massively reduce the credit and operational burden for both banks and institutional investors.”. Michel will bespeaking on October 20th at the inaugural Investor Day.

The Trade FinanceInvestor Day will feature recent developments of relevance to alternative lenders and institutional investors, spanning innovations in both origination and distribution spaces as the objective is to help the market embrace the originate-and-distribute model, and benefit from the increased liquidity brought by capital market firms. This is how members of TFD Initiative aim to contribute to closing the trade finance gap which represents a multi-trillion financing opportunity.

About Finverity

Finverity was founded in London in 2017 with the goal of helping to fix the global trade finance gap.

The Finverity digital ecosystem provides the technology, working capital and expertise to make trade and supply chain finance (SCF) actually work for businesses, banks and NBFIs. The digital ecosystem comprises of two complementary offerings:

Finverity Capital, tailored trade and SCF solutions, with two core products:

  • Finverity CapitalAccess empowers ambitious privately-owned businesses to seamlessly access working capital and reach their next level of growth.
  • Finverity CapitalInvest enables funding partners to deploy capital into quality trade assets securely, easily and at scale.

FinverityOS (SaaS), the end-to-end operating system designed to digitally transform trade and SCF operations, client experience and revenue generation capabilities at local and regional banks and NBFIs.

About the TFD Initiative

The TFD Initiative has established the largest community of stakeholders committed to establishing trade finance as an investable asset class for capital market firms. The TFD Initiative works with technology leaders to deliver a SaaS technology stack and new market practices, thereby bridging trade with capital markets. TFD Initiative complements the origination-focused DNI Initiative which digitizes negotiable instruments in logistics and banking based on MLETR-compliant laws and technologies.

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Four key takeaways from the TFDi’s inaugural Trade Finance Investor Day

On October 20th, the Trade Finance Distribution initiative (TFDi) held its inaugural Trade Finance Investor Day at the prestigious Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire.